All of humanity is being called to attention by our earth planet
and an evolving state of consciousness that is shifting our collective awareness to usher in Universal Peace for the next millennia.
This is the time on our earth for the people to come together and for us collectively to create the world of peace that we all dream about.
And we all know, this is only possible if we each choose to
make the changes in ourselves first.
Creating a culture of peace that we choose to live by is indeed a discipline.
This inner discipline we call the First Peace,
as this is the first step we must take, together.
We are each dreamers, at cause in our world. Let us dream together.


We welcome you to the circle of First Peace Circle Leaders that is growing exponentially as leaders step forward in different countries around the world. Your choice to guide a First Peace Circle through the yearlong learning journey, one day a month, will be a valuable contribution to bringing principles of higher consciousness into the world.

Following are the 3 steps needed to register your circle and the materials and curriculum you will receive to guide your circle upon the completion of your registration. Read further to discover the organic structure of the People's Movement of the First Peace, and the elements that support the movement.

Step One - To be a Circle Leader

Determine if you are suited to be a Circle Leader. If you answer the following questions with a yes answer, you are well matched to facilitate a circle.

Step Two - Community of Practice

Gather a circle - a minimum of 4 people (includes the Circle Leader) in your area who would like to go on a learning journey with you to discover and practice inner peace in a learning community. 12 Teaching DVD's, a First Peace Handbook, a Curriculum Guide and Monthly Assignments are provided along with other materials to support the learning. The Circle Leader will act as the facilitator for the learning journey. Read further to learn how to activate a First Peace Circle.

Step Three - Registration

After you have called the circle, gather the registration fees and register the circle. When you have registered, you will receive a confirmation letter and the materials for the learning journey will be put in the mail to you. Read further to learn how to register your circle.

Step Two - Community of Practice - Continued

Activating a First Peace Circle

A Circle Leader, one who has chosen to call a group together, will act as the facilitator for the 12-month learning journey for First Peace Circle members. A curriculum of online teachings and assignments is provided including 30-minute monthly teaching segments with WindEagle and RainbowHawk available in a password-protected space viewed online. Group discussions, teachings and individual practice are part of each monthly meeting. These meetings coupled with monthly assignments will enable all circle members to deeply integrate the principles and practices of First Peace into their lives.

Following registration the Circle Leader will receive:

*Circle Leaders are required to agree to not copy and/or distribute the teaching DVD's

Registered members of a First Peace Circle will receive the following:

Circle Leader Role, Responsibilities and Benefits


Circle Leaders Role as Guide Benefits for the Circle Leader

Step Three - Registration - Continued

Circle Leaders gather tuition fees from the circle members and register the circle using our on-line site. The tuition fees are $40 per person for the year + shipping costs of the materials. A Circle may start with a minimum of 4 people (3 people plus the Circle Leader). Total registration fee for a circle of 4 is $160 + shipping costs. The second time Circle Leaders register a circle, their tuition fee is waived. Circles may start with a minimum of 4 people. There are two recommended methods to collect the funds:

CASH method:

* A Circle Leader can purchase a prepaid credit card for this use

CHECK method:


Registration Application (Example)
Name of Circle Leader:Joe Marks
Mailing Address:1350 W. 24th Ave
New York, NY 90321
Names of Circle Members: Jack Sherwood
Mary Ann Nolan
Christina Robert
Matthew Atman
Julia Scanlon
Ray Nolan
Elizabeth Baker
Betsy Baker
Lloyd Stewart
Sara Laff
Name of your Circle:24thAveCircle
Name of SeedPlanter*:George Altman

* If you attended an introduction by a SeedPlanter, write the name of the SeedPlanter.

Payment Information (Example)
# of MembersYear Cost/Per Week CostTotal
4$40 each/$0.77$160
5$40 each/$0.77$200
6$40 each/$0.77$240
7$40 each/$0.77$280
8$40 each/$0.77$320
9$40 each/$0.77$360
10$40 each/$0.77$400

If more than 10 members the cost is $40 for each additional member

Click here to register: Registration Form